Pierre-Alain Challier (2010)

Talisman Jewelry

Pierre-Alain Challier, Galerist

Modern totems, antic figurines, cyclical sculptures or primitive gesture in the ornament of the body since History was recorded, there is, in the jewels-sculptures cut and painted by Marie-Noelle de La Poype, a recollection which tends at the same time to evidence and to sacred. Where the extreme saving of means can join the biggest preciosity, when in the bone of the marine mammal is grafted a rare stone, stemming from mines of the other end of the world.

Where the raw material embraces the noble one. Where the rejection of the sea becomes a rare piece of art. As statues on their bases of slate, brooches or pendants are all «art pieces that can be worn. A real miniature museum composed of as much of unique pieces as the artist’s imagination can conceive. It is a story of modern art history which could be rewritten through the artist’s jewels, since the Earth pendants of Picasso, to the surrealist bronze or golden cages of Man Ray, Miro or Max Ernst. Talismans, memories of a precious moment, of an encounter or a joke, the «portable sculptures» are as much lucky charms, secret gardens, and intimate parts, but which, through Time, from Calder, to César, from Arman to Lalanne, from Pol Bury to Anish Kapoor, are at first and above all, real works of art…