Marie-Noëlle de La Poype


Give life-breath into void and to matter

MNP’s life is plural :

Top-level sportswoman in her youth, she defends throughout the world her country’s colors: Belgium.
Doctor of Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, she began a personal reflection on our society.

Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Braine l’Alleud in 1994, she finally realizes her dream as an artist, combining creativity and her love for Nature. A declaration of her fascination for complementarity, harmony and balance.

Her work transcends the idea that sculpture has no territory other than material. Whether mineral, organic, or industrial, the primary element leaves the figurative for the abstract. And her talent, beyond the tangible reconnects the link between the elements, to ultimately revive all our senses.

Her early works use an unusual material with a rare density: bones of marine mammals from the secular age. With totemic lines and subtle elegance, all the power of the elements comes out of them.

Au travers de ce travail, MNP rejoint celui des physiciens et penseurs pour qui le monde vibratoire domine, régissant l’univers dont l’homme fait partie. Une pensée à l’encontre de la société actuelle, où l’image est reine.

– Claude d’Anthenaise, 2010

Video Exposition

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