Eglantine Fabre (2020)

Apprehending the invisible


MNP’s work is unquestionably inseparable from nature and its intrinsic music. Each raw material has its own sound arrangement, from the cetacean’s language to the slate song: the sound echoes her sculptures. When the hearing is staging the invisible.

For Photosynthesis, the artist captures the tree’s life inherent noise. A four stages composition which, like Peter Wohlleben’s book, awakens curiosity about the secret mechanisms of our fellow plants.

  • First stage: the vibratory travel begins with an entry into the forest punctuated by bird songs. The musicality evokes a lush green atmosphere.
  • Second stage: An immersion into the heart of the world most efficient pumping system. The water flows, the tree feeds, the rhythm is regular.
  • Third stage: In a state of alert, the tree pulse accelerates. The tree is worried; is water missing? Is drought close?
  • Fourth stage: The last state, life or death, to be saved or not. The tree goes into a gaseous state, the sound crackles, bursts out for a call for help.

Through this arrangement, MNP reminds us that hertz and vibrations have a powerful influence on the human being, his body, his energy. Waves being actually identical to those filling the void captured by her metallic plants. The acoustic illustration of the void and its vibrations as the link of a Whole.