Pierre-Alain Challier (2010)

Tangy Resonances

By Pierre-Alain Challier, Galerist

It is extremely hard, in our modern cultures, to execute for the artist the exercise which consists of not copying himself. The spectator expects from the artist what he knows of his work: a recognizable work at first sight. And nevertheless, the same spectator always awaits for novelty in that same continuity, the renewal without too much break. It is to say how much Marie-Noelle de La Poype chose difficulty when managing at once two parallel works and of appearance so opposite. One extracted directly from elements of Earth’s terrestrial depths or oceanic profoundness, the other seeming to be inspired directly from a pop culture, in tangy resonances. Streaming of the water on the pink or yellow surfaces of these reliefs, calling of the senses to the point that the work was named Touch Me. And nevertheless, are they not the continuation of the Tapissery, these vast patches of slate where repeats the osseous shape as rain does on the relief of the ground ? And do they not arise, in their own material, from Earth’s, dark and black material which became color thanks to the miracle of modern alchemy? Is it necessary to remind that this repetition of forms which became abstract is only molding of colored materials on tree bark? The nature, even hidden, is intrinsically connected to the work of Marie-Noelle.

Only the duality of the work, in the intimacy of her studio (workshop), brings you one day to the exploration of color, and the next day to the study of black and white. Reflect of this division, of this wainscoting, that we all carry in our lives.

«I look for the link between the visible and the invisible and work on organic materials such as of very old bones of marin mammals collected all over the world, associated with the stone such as slate stemming from mine’s depths; bronze, vividly colored plastics, materials derived from oil, itslef stemming primary forests.» Marie-Noelle de La Poype