Eglantine Fabre (2020)

Art ready to wear



For the anthropologists ornamentation is of prime importance, both a symbol of universality and a base for the early societies’ aesthetic repertoire. Adornment appears as the art figurehead in its most remote forms. Therefore, it was only natural for MNP to turn its century-old cetacean bones into artworks to be worn

Pendants, breastplates, rings, brooches, earrings retain the raw material strength and dress up. Embellished with precious stones, sometimes coated with chinese ink, or appeared in their simplest form: rough. Both soft and spongy to the touch, with their totemic, sensual or angular shapes, they echo MNP’s first sculptures.

And that’s what these jewels are: talismans to wear, totems to pose. Far from the skin, farandole of miniature sculptures on their slate bases, like antique figurines they rise. The communion of two living beings: Nature and Human.