Françoise Thieck Champin (2010)

The Invisible Footprint

By Françoise Thieck Champin, poetess, publisher of the magazine « Midi », France

We can perceive in the Alignments of Mozé, or in the three slate blocks of Anjou laid on the sand, all stemming from Earth’s depths, recalling the memory of the invisible which abolishes time. We can perceive the metamorphosis of this blue schist and, when these menhirs, these huge knights appear in the middle of a meadow, mingle with the landscape amongst trees and a few houses. Their infinite strength of silence bewitches us, astounds us, because this silence seems to contain all Earth’s Past and its memory of forgotten times. This memory of the Earth is also ours and maybe our consciousness of the dark depths sink in us, aspiring to the light. We can only subscribe to the so poetic and deprived work of Marie-Noêlle, by what she calls: « my approach demonstrates and is inspired by freedom and by life » and « my never-ending research for the link between the visible and the invisible ».