Eglantine Fabre (2022)

Beyond the object

For some years now, Marie Noëlle de La Poype’s artistic approach is discoursing on the harmony between the Void and the Full. . A reflection on the union of matter and non-matter as a powerful factor of Peace, addressed more specifically in her Photosynthesiswork. Stainless steel wires, genesis of metallic plants devoid of photosynthesis, they allow her to leave the sculpture-object behind.

Nature as a workshop, trees or any natural element as Void’s support. Around the bark, the wires unfold, with the branches they play, and the whole they cross, creating an immutable sensation of continuity. But in this art of an infinite poetry, no alteration of this nature so dear to the artist.

So linked, the branches welcome a new world, a waves, vibrations and energies universe. The flow influences everyone, human, animal or vegetable species; but none will hear it. Caring envelope, beyond the object, the art lives, vibrates, varies indefinitely, driven by the elements. Water fine drops metamorphose the work into a delicate pearls necklace, sunny rays move it into luminous arabesques. Nature as a base always, today trees, tomorrow rivers, rocks, caves or fountains to welcome this flight.

governing the universe of which human being is part. A thought running counter today’s society, where the image is queen and the reflection king.